Westside Bike Share Pilot Project

April 20th, 2017

Bike Share Pilot Program May-August 2017

Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center and Columbia Sportswear Amberglen have partnered with the Westside Transportation Alliance to offer free bike share to anyone with a Kaiser or Columbia email address. Each bike has a basket, magnetically powered lights, and bike lock.

You must return the bike within 3 hours of checkout to a station.


The bikes are to help get you from MAX to work. You can take these bikes wherever you please though. The bikes live at three locations:

  1. Quatama NW 205th MAX station
  2. Kaiser Westside Medical Center
  3. Columbia Sportswear Amberglen.

Click the map to plan your ride











To sign up:

Kaiser Westside Medical Center employees

Columbia Sportswear Amberglen employees

You will then receive your sign up code and sign up information in an email.


Checking out the Bikes

Once you are signed up, you are able to check out the bikes. Text the bike number on the rear fender of the bike to the number provided and you will receive the combination U-lock code to unlock your bike . Save this phone number as you will need to text each time you check out a bike as codes will change.

In addition to texting the bike number, please also text the location code for where the bike is being checked out:

MAX = Quatama NW 205th MAX

KP = Kaiser Westside

CS = Columbia Amberglen

Just the bike number if anywhere else.


Always lock the bike when your eyes aren’t on it. Be sure the U-lock is securing the frame and not just a wheel or basket.












Put the lock through the frameDon’t just lock the wheel

Bike Repair Reporting

To report a maintenance issue, text:
Repair + bike number + location code + issue
Example: “Repair 12 KP flat tire”

General Rules

Return to one of the designated bike share locations. It’s a small system. When a bike is gone for too long, riders will miss it.

You’re almost ready to ride! To help bike share make friends, please follow the rules of the road, yield for people, pass slowly, and tell your friends.