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Connect with coworkers through carpooling, vanpooling, and on-demand options.

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Drive Less Connect is the Portland Metro Region’s carpool matching website and has over 2500 individuals registered regionally and 400 in Washington County. 

We’re excited to announce another transportation option for commuters getting around Washington County. Uber is a mobile application that connects people like you who need a ride with a driver at the tap of the button. Whether you’re commuting home late at night from the office or simply need to get to your next off site meeting quickly, we hope that this convenient option can be available for you when you need it most.

Take Lyft for a welcoming, affordable, and memorable ride. Request a ride in the Lyft app, and get picked up by a reliable community driver in minutes. Friends of the Westside Transportation Alliance, use the special code “LYFTWTA” for a free first ride up to $20 when you sign up!

Drive Less Connect offers the following:

  • free carpool matching
  • allows you to match with individuals through work or community networks
  • set up and manage carpools for kids
  • keeps your information confidential and secure
  • tracks your savings


Carpool Incentive Programs
Each summer Metro sponsors the Carefree Commuter Challenge incentive program in partnership with organizations such as the Westside Transportation Alliance. Log your trips through Drive Less Connect during the month of July to earn prizes.


Carpool Etiquette


Based on an average commute of 50 miles round trip per day, driving alone will cost nearly $800 per month and almost $10,000 per year.

Vanpooling can cut commuting cost by 50-75%.


  • Are best for commuters who live 20 or more miles from work
  • Allow commuters to share the cost of maintenance, insurance, and fuel as well as share the driving responsibility
  • Allow vanpool partners to determine the best meeting times and locations
  • Operates with an organized route, schedule, and passenger fares
  • Consist of seven to fifteen people sharing a van.

Vanpool Vendors

There are several vanpool vendors that can help you set up a vanpool at your workplace:

Enterprise Rideshare – Danielle Gregoire 503-612-8176

vRide – Rachel Mattenberger 503-719-5313

CTRAN Vancouver area – current waiting list


Carsharing options and opportunities

Carsharing allows you to rent a vehicle by the hour or even the minute. This can be the prefect solution for when you didn’t drive to work but need a car during the day. Insurance, maintenance, and gas are all covered. There are several types of carshare companies:

Zipcar – rent Zipcars by the hour from $8.25/hour and $60.00/day

GetAround – rent a privately owned vehicle by the hour from $3.00/hour

Car2Go – rent a Smart Car by the minute, Portland area only

Image of Zip Car


Carshare Companies


Zipcar is a community car sharing company with 200 vehicles throughout the Portland Metro area. Zipcar members can rent vehicles by the hour or by the day, with gas and insurance included in the cost of the reservation. Zipcars live in designated locations throughout Portland, and across the Westside along the TriMet MAX lines. Using a Zipcar is easy, just join, reserve, unlock and go; and remember that Zipcars always need to be returned to the location that you picked them up.

  • Application fee: waived for WTA members (normally $25)
  • Membership Fee: $25 for WTA members (normally $60)
  • Hourly rate starts at $8.25, daily rates at $60 (7am-7pm), 24-hour rate starts at $70
  • Car Types: vehicle types range from cargo vans to Mercedes, and everything in between.
  • Pickup/drop off locations: every Zipcar reservation is a round-trip. You must drop off the car at the same location that you picked it up
  • Included in rental: insurance, gas, maintenance and 180 miles/day
  • Sign up: sign up through the WTA to save on hourly and daily rates, plus reduced membership fees


Gataround is a social car sharing company that allows individuals to rent out their cars to others and allows members to rent privately owned vehicles by the hour or day. No application or membership fees.

  • Application Fee: $0
  • Membership Fee: $0
  • Hourly Fee: starting at $3
  • Car types: privately owned vehicles (1995 or newer) range from sedans to cargo vans
  • Pickup/Drop off locations : you must drop off the car in the same location you picked it up unless otherwise arranged
  • Included in rental: insurance, gas, maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Sign up: Getaround provides the platform for payment, scheduling, and rating both car owner and user’s experience.

List your car

The average car is idle 22 hours per day. Earn money when you are not using your car by renting it through Getaround. You list the price and time availability. Getaround provide the renters and insurance.

List your car here

Getaround VIDEO


Car2Go allows you to rent a SmartCar by the minute in the downtown Portland area. Use the Car2Go app, website, or phone number to find the nearest car or find one parked on the street.

  • Application Fee: $35
  • Membership Fee: $0
  • Fee: $.38/minute
  • Car types: SmartCars
  • Pickup/Drop off locations : pick up and drop off a car anywhere within the service area
  • Included in rental: insurance, gas, maintenance, 24 hr support, parking fees
  • Sign up: